Saturday, 14 September 2019

Buy Spotify Plays Cheap with a Single Click

Spotify has become the leading music streaming service and millions of people are listening to music daily. With a freemium service and available in 65 markets worldwide, features one of the largest user bases online. Spotify promotion for artists has become a vital tool for promoting music online. Promote released music on Spotify organically, by using one of the most reliable tools in the music industry.

Buy Spotify Plays Cheap with a Single Click

Streams From Premium Accounts. Royalty Eligible. Minimum number of plays on one song is 3,000 unless split with an album/playlist. Maximum number of songs you can split is 30. Podcasts are not eligible for promotions. Plays come in slowly.We guarantee 100% of your money back if your order is not completed or we do not deliver the order as stated.


If you published your music on Spotify but you aren’t getting the attention you want, we can help. Super Stream provide with campaigns to get followers, increase plays and improve your brand awareness. Our Spotify promotion services are being used by artists around the world. Buy Spotify plays and boost your social media organically with one of the most trusted real promotion companies in the industry.


When your music is distributed to Spotify it doesn’t mean that people will hear it. Our goal is to put your Spotify release in front of your potential audience. Geographically target your audience and get your music featured on the right countries.


Spotify music promotion is one of the most useful and profitable methods of promoting music. When you buy Spotify plays, those plays will not only increase your audience but generate music royalties! Those profits will be paid to the artist via its music label and distributor.

Increase Your Spotify Popularity

Super Stream helps you increase the popularity of your Spotify tracks with organized play campaigns - all genuine.
Super Stream delivers plays to your tracks. Ordering plays takes a minute and then you can sit back and Super stream takes care of the rest. Our large partner network can deliver huge amounts of plays in short time.

Gain Visibility by Promoting Your Work with Spotify Plays
Reaching out to the right follower base can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you are a newer artist. However, to ease this, our Spotify Plays service brings you the much needed listeners directly to your song or album.
Plays are evenly distributed throughout the day to maintain a steady growth, increasing your visibility and popularity. When it comes to the number of streams you have, they matter in terms of viewer retention and you can reach a lot more audiences if you buy Spotify plays.

Understanding the need and importance of marketing in Spotify:

Creating a professional song takes a lot of time and work. But if your music doesn’t reach the desired fan base, it can be very disappointing. Here, with Spotify campaigns, you can reach out conveniently to the masses.
  • Create the impression that your music is out there, and is worth checking.
  • Spotify Plays will attract new listeners to your music, who will start following and become fans increasing your popularity.
  • Tracks on Spotify are ranked on the total number and frequency of plays. With more views generated through Spotify, music promotions increase the popularity of your music directly by using the Spotify algorithm to show up in more Spotify searches.

Customizable to specific demand:

It is obvious that everyone won’t have the same requirement or the same audience in mind. So, you can build a unique Spotify promotion campaign that caters precisely to what you want.
  • Spotify promotion service is completely flexible. Choose the number of plays to be added, or pick the tracks to play; it depends on you.

Flawless presentation:

Our Spotify music promotion works in the most professional way. When you buy Spotify plays, you are working with some of the leaders in this industry.
  • Unique listener base ensures a completely safe follower base on Spotify.
  • A steady stream of music throughout the day translates into a strong and continuous number of hits each day.
  • On average, each play goes on for 90+ seconds, making sure that it is registered.
  • A minimum of 1,000 plays creates a strong base to start at.
  • All Spotify promotion packages are usually safe and guaranteed to remain anonymous permanently.

Royalty eligible:

Spotify promotion services work both ways. Along with your increasing popularity, they are royalty eligible. That translates into earning money along with followers, and as your popularity grows, the royalty rates also improve.
With 75 million active users and a catalogue of more than 30 million songs, Spotify can look like a never ending maze for a new artist just starting his or her profession. Hence, when you buy Spotify plays, you are not only buying a certain number of plays for your song, but also getting popularity and revenue from music royalties.